MRCP ASR allows telephony developers to integrate with Voicegain’s deep learning ASR using the MRCP protocol. Integrate with FreeSWITCH or any VoiceXML platform that can talk MRCP.

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Use MRCP with Large Vocabulary Or Speech Grammars

Invoke our ASR with Speech Grammars or use large vocabulary transcription for Voice Bots, IVRs, real-time captioning and more.



On a broad benchmark, our accuracy of 89% is on par with the very best



Talk to us in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Korean Hindi (more coming)



Tested on compute instances on Google, AWS, Azure, IBM & Oracle



Integrates with VXML, FreeSWITCH and other platforms that talk MRCP

Deploy in your Datacenter
Or invoke us as a cloud service
  • Accurate and Affordable
    Accurate & Affordable drop-in replacement for legacy ASRs
  • FreeSWITCH & VoiceXML
    Integrate with VoiceXML platforms and FreeSWITCH
  • Flexible Deployment
    Invoke as a cloud service or deploy in your VPC/datacenter
  • Multiple Language Support
    English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean. Coming Soon-> Dutch, French and Hindi
  • Speech Grammars
    grXML and JSGF grammars
  • Train Custom Models
    Train acoustic & language models to get unmatched accuracy
  • Real-time Speech Adaptation
    Use Hints, class tokens and Grammars to get higher accuracy
  • Language Detection
    We can detect the language from audio submitted
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Voicegain - Speech-to-Text
Under Your Control