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Simple yet flexible pricing. Pay only for usage while using our Cloud. For Edge, our pricing includes a low annual fixed cost and a variable cost.

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Pay-as-you-go usage-based pricing with no commitments.$50 in Credits provided on signup, No Credit Card Required to start today. Rate-limits apply; get custom rate-limits with revenue commits. Additional costs apply for premium support. Please contact for details.

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Developer Product
Per Second
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Per Hour
STT - Offline -Basic
STT - Offline - Enhanced
STT - Realtime - Basic
STT - Realtime - Enhanced
Telephony Bot API (IVR+ STT)
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Voicegain Cloud -  Assumptions

1.   Platform usage is measured and billed per second but the invoices generated by our billing system report the usage in hours.

2.  Each API request is subject to a minimum billing of 6 seconds and 1 second increment after that. An API request of 4 second is billed for 6 seconds or      $0.0012 ($0.00020*6) and a real-time request for 7 seconds is billed $0.00020*7.

3.  Basic model offers STT on a mono-channel with no Diarization or PII redaction. Enhanced model offers STT for two-channel call center audio (Agent and Caller  on separate channels) It also includes Diarization (mono channel with multiple speakers) and PII Redaction.

4. STT Realtime-Basic and STT Realtime-Enhanced are for streaming audio over Web-socket. Basic is for mono channel with no diarization. Enhanced is for two-channel/stereo call center audio for call center application.

5. Telephony Bot API is Voicegain's IVR and Speech-to-Text combined.

6.  MRCP ASR is the real-time Speech-to-Text/ASR as part of an MRCP Session. This price is applicable for the entire duration of the MRCP Session. It is does not include cost of 100% whole-call recording of sessions.

7.  Rate Limits apply for pay as you go. We offer higher rate limits and lower pricing with volume & term commits. Please contact us at to get the details.

Voicegain Edge (Datacenter/Private Cloud)

Deploy Voicegain on your private infrastructure. Free 30 day trial provided. Port-based or usage based licensing available. Minimum purchase of ports/usage is applicable. In addition, there is an Annual Support Cost.

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Developer Product
Per Port/Month
Per Audio/Hour
STT - Offline -(Enhanced & Multi-channel)
STT - Realtime - Transcription
STT - Custom
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$48 - $72
Voicegain Edge - Assumptions

1. Voicegain Edge refers to our platform being deployed on client's private infrastructure (Bare-metal in a datacenter or Private Cloud). Voicegain is deployed on a Kubernetes Cluster. We prefer NVIDIA GPUs for apps that require high concurrency. CPUs are supported for low concurrency apps.  Orchestration of the cluster is from Voicegain cloud.

2. Client shall incur infrastructure costs and is responsible for monitoring of Kubernetes. For Private Cloud, we recommend managed Kubernetes from the cloud provider. For Datacenter, please contact us for support options.
3.  "Port" - for STT Offline - is defined as throughput. So 25 Ports would allow you to transcribe 25 hours of offline audio per hour. For Real-time STT, Port is the number of concurrent web-socket sessions. E.g 25 Ports means a maximum of 25 Concurrent Real-time STT sessions during a month.

4.  For usage based licensing, each request is subject to a minimum billing of 6 seconds and 1 second increment after that. E.g. a real-time request for 4 seconds shall be billed for 6 seconds or $0.0012 ($0.00020*6) and a real-time request for 7 seconds shall be billed for 7 seconds.

5.  Voicegain offers discounts for volume & term commits. Please contact us at to receive custom pricing.


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