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The team behind Voicegain has more than 50 years of collective experience working with speech recognition technology in the real world. Prior to the current journey of building Voicegain’s deep-learning-based ASR, this team was responsible for designing and building dynamic speech recognition based IVR applications for large enterprise companies like Charter, Comcast and Acer.

We are a rapidly growing distributed and a diverse team with our key team members based currently in Dallas, Texas, San Jose, California, Brazil and India. Our team of machine learning engineers and software engineers work on cutting edge algorithms, neural network architectures, model training pipelines and back-end software.

We are on a mission to build highly accurate speech recognition software that is highly affordable for enterprise & SaaS voice developers. We have an aggressive target to cover the most popular languages spoken in the world. To these voice developers we offer simple yet powerful APIs that provide access to our underlying deep-learning-based ASR platform.

We differentiate ourselves on the 3 As of Speech Recognition – Accuracy, Affordability and Accessibility. We provide our customers with tools to train both the underlying acoustic and language models to achieve unmatched accuracy. We also enable them to deploy the entire Voicegain platform on the Edge, offering them full control over their data. Most importantly, we deliver all these capabilities at a disruptive price- making highly accurate speech recognition highly affordable!



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Our Team

We're always on the look out for new talent! For up-to-date information about job openings at Voicegain, please visit the Careers section of our Blog.

Arun Santhebennur, Co-Founder & CEO, Voicegain
Arun Santhebennur
Co-founder & CEO

Arun has founded 3 successful tech companies prior to Voicegain. He has a Bachelors from IIT Bombay and an MBA from IIM Calcutta.

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Dr. Jacek jarmulak, Co-Founder & CTO Voicegain
Dr. Jacek Jarmulak
Co-founder & CTO

Jacek worked as Senior AI Scientist and then SVP for Resolvity. He has PhD in Computer Science (AI) from TU Delft.

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Kuo Zhang, Senior AI Scientist, Voicegain
Kuo Zhang
Senior AI Scientist

Kuo joined us from Columbia University. His talent and energy allow us to implement new ideas as fast as we can think of them.

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Yungwei Chen, Director SWE, Voicegain
Yungwei Chen
Director SWE

Yungwei brings to our team 15 years of Software Engineering experience, working on every possible aspect of IVR platforms.

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Jonathan Tran, Senior Full-Stack, Voicegain
Jonathan Tran
Senior Full-Stack SWE

Jonathan joined us from UT Austin. He is a programmer by instinct. He is responsible for the Voicegain Web Portal.

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Chuck Mullins, Senior Dev Ops, Voicegian
Chuck Mullins
Senior Dev Ops

Chuck is a master over all things related to systems, virtualization, containers, K8S, CI/CD, networking, security, etc. 

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