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Access OpenAI’s Whisper model with Voicegain's easy-to-use REST APIs. Get Voicegain enterprise support, SOC2 and PCI compliance and added features like two-channel(stereo) support, diarization, word-level timestamps and more.

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Voicegain Whisper API
Meet OpenAI Whisper
Why use OpenAI’s Whisper ASR for batch transcription?

Whisper is an open-source deep-learning-based automatic speech recognition (ASR) model developed by Open AI. Whisper is trained on 680,000 hours of multilingual data; which enables it to work well with range of accents and background noise.

Transformer Architecture

The Whisper architecture is a simple end-to-end approach, implemented as an encoder-decoder Transformer.

LLMs for Conversational AI

Developers can easily feed the transcript output to an LLM like GPT for improving transcript readability, summarization, extracting sentiment and more analytics.

Multiple Languages

OpenAI Whisper ASR can transcribe in multiple languages. The following 57 languages have a Word Error Rate of < 50%. Check out our fine-tuning services to get a better ASR.

Fine-tune for better accuracy

Whisper is predominantly trained for English and hence Word Error Rates for other languages might still be high. Voicegain offers Whisper fine-tuning services on your data to get higher accuracy and lower WER.

Why Voicegain Whisper?

Affordable Pricing

Voicegain Whisper Speech-to-Text API is affordably priced at at $0.25/hour (for US-based instance); This is 40% lower than Open AI’s price (as of Dec 2023)

Single Tenant

Deploy Voicegain Whisper in your datacenter or in your VPC instance for maximum data privacy and control. Ingest our logs and metrics into your Grafana to monitor performance.

Diarization & Timestamps

Voicegain Whisper adds key features like diarization and word-level timestamps to Open AI’s Whisper

24/7 Enterprise Class Support

Voicegain’s offers a high-touch 24/7 enterprise-class support for the Whisper model. This allows developers to focus their efforts on LLM optimization and use our APIs for ASR.

PCI-DSS & SOC-2 Compliance

Voicegain is a PCI-DSS and SOC-2 Compliant organization. We redact all the PCI and PII related entities – both in the transcript and audio. We scan the underlying code for any vulnerabilities and keep all libraries current.

Whisper fine-tuning services

Whisper has been pre-dominantly trained on publicly available English datasets. Voicegain can provide fine-tuning services to Whisper with your data to reduce the WER on your dataset.

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