Meet Casey, our GenERATIVE AI Voice ASSISTANT

Replace your IVR and guide your agents with an AI Voice Assistant

Meet Casey, Voicegain’s Generative AI powered Voice Assistant. Casey engages your callers in a natural conversation replacing your legacy IVR. For calls that require human assistance, Casey transfers the call and becomes a real-time AI Co-Pilot to guide your call-center agents.

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Traditional IVR

Tree-based Navigation

Multistep Tree-based navigation to get to the answer

Single Step to Answer!

Intelligent one-step answer to user question
Traditional IVR

Limited capture of User Intent

User press one or more keys or speaks a word or phrase and hence potential for automation is limited

Fine-grained Capture of User Intent

Users can describe reason for their call by speaking in full sentences and hence routine queries can be automated

Numeric Field Data Capture

User can only provide limited numeric data using DTMF. Vocabulary of legacy ASRs with traditional IVR is limited.

Complex Alphanumeric Data Capture

Casey can understand complex alphanumeric data types like order, case and serial numbers.
Why select Voicegain to build your AI Voice Assistant?

Generative AI is disrupting customer service. Large language models can understand and conduct human conversations at scale. Voicegain can help you deploy Generative AI powered voice assistant that can replace traditional tree-based IVRs and act as an AI Coach to your frontline call center staff. 

Finely-tuned ASR/STT

Voicegain has its own highly accurate and optimized deep-learning based ASR that integrates with LLMs to engage callers and assist agents. Since Voicegain owns this ASR, it can be fine-tuned and trained on a client’s vocabulary. Misrecognized input to a large language model will result in poor caller experience.

15+ Years of Experience

Voicegain’s founders built and managed speech enabled IVRs for large enterprises like Charter and Comcast for 15+years. Having automated millions of calls, we have an in-depth understanding of building friendly and efficient voice user interfaces and what it takes to deliver automation in the real-world.

Telephony Integration

Voicegain’s secure telephony infrastructure supports direct VoIP Integration with SIP Carriers and CCaaS platforms/phone systems. Our platform can record, transcribe and monitor the entire lifecycle of a caller interaction – from the front-end IVR to when the agent hangs up.

Pay for Performance

Voicegain licenses its Voice AI platform based on the number of automated segments of a conversation. This provides a clear ROI to our customers. For example, validating a customer is a segment.  

What our customers are saying..
How does it work?

Route your calls to Voicegain.

Voicegain works with your SIP carrier to configure all your tollfree traffic to terminate on SIP URIs or country specific DIDs provided by Voicegain. In other words, Voicegain becomes the front-end IVR for all your customer service calls.

Engage your customers in a conversation

Casey, Voicegain’s Generative AI powered Voice assistant will greet and engage your callers in a natural conversation. Your customers can speak in full sentences. Casey’s AI models are trained on past conversations and knowledgebase articles.

Complete Call or Transfer to Agent

Casey can (1) either answer a routine question and terminate the call or (2) transfer the call to a specific queue in your call center for further assistance. Voicegain integrates with leading Contact Center platforms – both cloud and premise-based.

Guide your agents in real-time

When an Agent receives a call, they are presented with a summary of data collected by Casey and can hence continue the conversation from where Casey left off. Casey remains on the call and guide Agents in real-time. This reduces AHT in your contact center.

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Replace your legacy IVR with a Generative AI Voice Assistant