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Private Cloud LLM-Powered Meeting AI 

Record, Transcribe and Summarize all your in-person and web meetings. Deploy in your Private Cloud for maximum privacy and control. Private LLM-powered Summarization & Action Items. 100% accurate speaker labels with meeting platform integration. Test using free plans on our cloud today.

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Voicegain - AI Transcription Assistant for Meetings
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Your meetings are a goldmine. Make sure you safeguard them.

Integrates with most meeting platforms (Zoom, Meet, Webex, Teams). Stores and analyzes meeting data in your VPC. Query a local LLM for unlimited insights.



On a broad benchmark, our. accuracy of 90% is on par with the very best



Deploy Meeting AI on your private infrastructure (incl storage and processing) 



Free Plan on Cloud to test (5 hrs of meeting/mo). Contact us for VPC pricing.

Meeting Platforms


Zoom, Teams, Meet, Webex, BlueJeans and many more coming soon

Private and Secure to use,
Flexible to meet your needs
  • Accurate and Affordable
    Highly accurate (90%+) transcription. Get Started with a free plan our cloud
  • LLM Powered Summarization & Action Items
    Summarize transcripts and extract action items ( powered by latest open-source LLMs) 
  • Meeting Platform Integration
    Zoom, Teams, Webex, Google Meet and more
  • Share audio from web browser  
    Share audio using browser sharing - works with Google Meet and other browser based meeting clients
  • Live Notes in Meetings, Lectures & more
    Record audio live using microphone capture
  • PII Redaction
    Redact Personal Information from Transcripts
  • Private & Secure
    Enterprises can deploy Voicegain Transcribe in their private cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) or datacenter.
  • Support for Zoom Local Recordings
    Windows app that automatically uploads Zoom local recordings for transcription
  • Store, Organize and Search Transcripts
    Save and organize transcripts in projects.
  • Voiceprint for better speaker diarization
    Store voiceprints of meeting participants and users to enable accurate diarization
  • SSO
    Integrate with your own identity provider
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Meeting Platforms
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